Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Wicked little lies - Tanya contois

Wicked Little Lies - Tanya Contois

About the book:
Jocelyn has just turned 18 but instead of having the big celebration she was looking forward to for so long she finds out that not only is she not fully human but the people who raised her aren’t her real parents. Instead of staying to listen to her parents’ explanation she takes off and ends up going to live with her biological parents Jacoby and Adeline. Jocelyn quickly makes new friends and gains a potential boyfriend named Sonny but things are far from safe when Kane, another cambion makes his presence known. Now Jocelyn is left with many questions but few answers. What does the future hold for her and will she end up with Sonny? Only time will tell.


This is a short novella in which Jocelyn celebrates her birthday only to find out her world is now going o turn upside down, with everything she knew turning out to be lies. Finding out on her 18th  birthday that the people she knows as her parents are not really that, she ends up running away only to end up living with her biological parents.  Only everything in her life now seems to pose more questions, will she ever get the answers she wants ?
I loved this short novella, the character of Jocelyn is really well written and you feel like you really get to know her. The interaction between her and the other characters is amazing drawing you into the whole storyline, of which is really well written. I found that i was immersed in Jocelyn's world growing and discovering everything with her. All the questions that get asked within the story line as well as the twists leave the reader wanting more, and if threes one bad point about the book its that i wanted more and the story to be longer. I cant wait for the next instalment to find out answers to the questions asked, and to see how Jocelyn comes to terms with her new found status as well as what else will befall her. All credit to Tanya for a great novella. 

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