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Carnal: Pride of the lions - John Connell

Carnal: Pride of the lions - John Connell

About the book:
The first graphic novel in the Carnal series, Pride of the Lions takes place on the continent of New Africa and focuses on three main species of humanistic animals. After the Great War decades earlier between the hyenas and the lions, the victorious and once united lion prides now lay scattered across the land, torn by civil unrest over territory disputes and food shortages. The hyena clans that survived the war were forced deep into the Earth and now live in a massive underground city under the control of a terrible witch. The buffalo race is indifferent to most other species and have walled themselves off from the rest of the kingdoms. Humans have lost their hold on the African territories long ago and live as a simple, nomadic species. The first book opens with Long Eyes, an old sapphire-eyed lion who is determined to save the lion kingdom and rescue his warrior son, Oron, who has gone missing. Long Eyes believes Oron is the key to uniting the prides. A young lioness tracker named Omi is sent out with the protection of two lion brothers to locate the missing warrior, but what they find is something that may unravel the very foundation of life for all species.


This book covers the story of a pride of lions after the big war with the hyenas. They have now all become separated and at war with each other over food and provisions. The leader sends his sun Oron in search of trying to make peace with the witch and the hyena pack, only for him to go missing. When an elder cast out from another tribe turns up with tales of Oron and his females being attacked, they have no choice but to try and rescue Oron from the witch. A rescue mission is attempted and that's where things start to go wrong.
I must say the first ting that draws you to this book is the amazing artwork on the cover, and this continues throughout the book. Once you start reading the story you are transported into their world, following everything and wanting to know about all of the characters. I found that the characters were well written, with in depth backgrounds enabling you to believe in each and every one of them, this along with the artwork makes it an amazing book, with everything you could want contained in there. I know i will be looking out for the next one released next year (2012). I urge you all to go read this.

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