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Amelia Maylock Book 3 - Jay Ellis

Amelia Maylock Book 3 - Jay Ellis

About the book:
The highly anticipated third book in the Amelia Maylock series. - 

They all started walking up the bank and used the tree trunks as cover, concealing themselves in the shadows when they moved, silently. It was a needed skill too as Maratlus had guards on patrol near the metal entrances to the caves. Some were creatures that Amelia recognised from her training with the old hag - when she created attackers for Amelia to overcome, safely - and others were large, muscular people. The creatures were called hybrids because Erryaz had used her evil magic to create many drones, for uses such as this. The creatures here looked like humans cross bred with dogs or wolves. They stood upright on two legs, yet were covered in fur and had a long snout and extremely sharp teeth. They were all heavily armed and simply stood on watch, turning their heads left and right in a monotonous rhythm.


In this book the third in the series we follow Amelia as she continues to grow and learn about her new powers, through her struggles dealing with her double life. Very slowly others that will help Amelia are coming out of hiding, and in this book we meet the guardian of the pearl of time. On finding out that her evil sister has managed to get hold of this pearl the search is on to retrieve it from her and try and gain some more of the power back.
This book is definitely a fitting third book in the series, it continues where the second book left off. Jay is continually shaping the world around Amelia as well as bringing in new characters to help and guide Amelia through the struggles that she is facing with her sister. I love the way that Amelia is growing and maturing, as well as that she is starting to grow a back bone and think for herself. The story line is well written and engaging, really pulling you into Amelia's world and making you feel like you are right there with her. I cant wait for the next in this series and a question i really want answered is will Amelia ever get a love interest, and is that person going to be Ral ? 

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