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Amelia Maylock Book 4 - Jay Ellis

Amelia Maylock Book 4 - Jay Ellis 

About the book:
The fourth book in the Amelia Maylock series.

"I need to be careful." People in the old fashioned dimension were not familiar with magic of any kind. Amelia reminded herself that staying disguised was paramount. If she did find something wrong in the town square, Amelia knew she would need to decide quickly if she was going to react, or get out of there to safety. As she turned the final corner and saw the black iron fence ahead of her, it was clear straight away that something connected to her magical world was happening. A few feet in front of her, hanging in the middle of the road, all the way up to the fence, was an uneven line of white light. It had a distinctive blue tinge to it and looked as if someone had run along with a pen - that wrote in light - scribbling in the air. "I've never seen anything like that before!" Pretending to be totally unaware of it, and just a 'normal' girl walking home, Amelia followed the light trail towards the iron fence.


This is the forth book in the Amelia series. In this book we continue along Amelia's journey, she visits new dimensions, and as always is a magnet for trouble. She visits a very old fashioned dimension where anything magical is just not familiar to the population. When strange light appear she knows that something is not right, but Amelia being who she is decides to act like she hasn't seen it and is one of the locals, that's where everything starts to go wrong for her. As she deals with that problem the next on the list is saving her friend from the death dimension, planning and arranging every tiny detail of the whole operation takes quite some time, and although Amelia starts to have doubts about what they are doing she wants to get her friend back so puts everything aside to make sure she can do that. She faces many problems and challenging tests while on her quest, and that doesn't end when she has finished what she needs to do.
I loved the fact that in this book we see Amelia start to grow into a women, with her 14th birthday and the new powers that she is acquiring all the time. She travels to new and different dimensions as well as getting in fights and making new friends. I really feel that this series is going from strength to strength with Jays writing really pulling you along in the story and immersing you in Amelia's world. I love this action packed forth book as we are definitely seeing new sides to Amelia and her friends. I will admit this book finishes on a bit of a cliffhanger and i cant wait to read the next book and see whats going to happen to Amelia next.

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