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Birth of a wizard - MJ Shutte

Birth of a Wizard - MJ Schutte

About the book:
A new world is discovered in Birth of a Wizard, book II of the Energy Chronicles.
Brighton and Lilian, along with their children and two dear friends have crossed the western boundary in search of a new life.
Just as it seems they will finally settle down, tragedy strikes and Brighton is forced to use his gift in order to save his loved ones.
Brighton’s actions earn him an unwanted reputation and cause ripple effects that will haunt them in years to come.
Is Lilian strong enough to find her way back to Brighton?
Will Brighton survive the repercussions of his actions?


My review:

I was lucky enough tho review an arc copy of this book, and after reading the first one i couldn't wait to get my Brighton fix. From the very first chapter i was hooked, with the characters i loved from the 1st book growing and maturing throughout this book. M J has managed to seamlessly continue creating amazing work, and within this book we do not only get to see all the characters we love but we get to meet and find out about a whole lot of new one's too. The world in which has been created is vast and in-depth, leaving only what the reader needs in order to be able to believe and want to live everything with the characters. The are many twists and turns bringing with it action, love and understanding. I must admit although i do love this book and can not wait for the next one i feel a love/hate relationship forming with the author. This is in a good way although really do you need to do that to the characters, and the twists and turns had me guessing throughout the book. I would say this is a must read for fans of paranormal books with magic and amazing writing that as a reader you can really loose yourself in. 

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Ninfa Hayes - Random Ramblings of an up and coming Author

“The stuff of dreams...ramblings of a new author”

First of all, a huge thank you to my girl Jenny for the opportunity to Guest Post on her lovely Blog :)

So, today I was rambling in my head (a lot happens in there, there's like whole Greek Tragedies playing out at any given time!) about my upcoming first release, “Bites”, and the journey to get it from my head into your hands (hopefully...).
There are a lot of “Publishers” and “Editors” out there nowadays. Some serious and professional, some less so, but with the power of the Internet and Social sites, everyone fancies themselves able to provide the services to authors that, as writers, we need to be able to deliver a good product today. Cause you know, if you can write, doesn't necessarily mean you can Edit or Market a book to your public.
Don't get me wrong, there are incredibly talented people out there who just have it. They can multitask to levels that make the mind boggle and do it well, but let's face it, as a reader as well as a writer it's sometimes obvious to me that quality right now has taken a back seat to quantity.
So how does that make me feel?
Well, my book is nothing pretentious. I don't write life changing stories and as much as I'd like to think that I have a little flair with words, truth is the most important thing for me is that people are entertained. I'm not here to teach any lessons, I leave that to more intelligent and educated people than me, but if my stories make you smile or cry, I consider myself satisfied and blessed.
That's the spirit in which I approached my Publisher, Bitten Fruit Books.
It was very clear to me from the beginning of this journey, that my goal was to deliver an entertaining book that would be edited to high standards and presented to the public in a professional manner.
It seems my choice to go with BFB was the best I ever made.
I never thought I'd be one day holding my own book in my hands, but the end of March approaches, edits are almost complete, and on the 26th of March “Bites” will be released in e-book format, followed by the paperback editions in May.
To say this is a thrilling time in my life it's an understatement.
I cannot wait to share my stories with you all (“Bites” is an anthology of 2 Novelettes, “Last of the Blood” and “Demonica”).
This for me it's the stuff of dreams :)

If you'd like to find out more about “Bites” or other upcoming projects, come take a look at my Facebook page, Ninfa Hayes

Also, these are the links to pre-order “Bites” on paperback, available from May 9th 2012:

And for signed copies, you can pre-order directly from Bitten Fruit Books:

Incidentally you can also find me on Facebook at Bookaholics Book Club where I like to write the occasional review and talk books and all things book related ;)
Ninfa xxx

Monday, 27 February 2012

Diana Hardy - Guest Blog Post

The Witching Pen Novellas
What's it all about?

Book One: The Witching Pen
Book Two: The Sands Of Time
Book Three: The Demon Bride (released Summer, 2012)
A big thank you to Jenny for hosting me on her Madsheep blog :)

In a slightly more unusual move, I thought I'd write a post on what The Witching Pen trilogy is all about, for anyone that hasn't come across it yet. I'm going to keep it short, because I'm appallingly bad at talking up my books!

First off, this is a paranormal romance series. There's steaminess in there, oh yes! But there's also a damn fine plot, which begins to unravel in book one, and truly takes off in book two. In this respect, urban fantasy lovers may enjoy the series as well as paranormal romance lovers, as long as they don't mind that the stories do contain those sexual interactions.

When I first started to write the series, I had a vision of something like Joss Whedon's Buffy The Vampire Slayer (the TV series), only in book form, and without the vampires. I wanted the characters to have a similar kind of banter; a similar kind of integration with each other. I wanted it fast-paced and action-packed, as if you're watching it on the television.

Unlike a lot of paranormal romance books, you won't find that each book in the series is very samey. This is because every character and every couple are different with different needs and wants, and that's reflected in the stories: book one is quite light and fun, because that's what the main characters call for, and book two is more dark and gritty, although no less fun (I like my tongue-in-cheek humour).

What's the series about? It's about a pen that can write the future, and the true purpose of its creation; it's about angels and demons; it's about magic; it's about sex and love, and what can be gained and lost from both; it's about acceptance and sacrifice, and it's about bonds that cannot be broken.

So there you have it – I'm going to stop now ;)

I'll leave you with a little treat I whizzed up for fans of the series: a FREE short story that gives us more insight into Karl and Elena's relationship (we meet them in book one, The Witching Pen). Although the series is written for adults, this short story is suitable for YA readers. You can find download info here
Enjoy, and thanks for reading :)

Author's website:

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Energy - MJ Schutte

Energy MJ Schutte

About the book: 
As teenagers, Brighton and Lilian live quiet, peaceful and uncomplicated lives in a remote mountain village called Four Mountains. They soon discover that their friendship has developed into something deeper, but before they can explore their feelings for each other, a dark secret about Lilian’s past rips their world apart. Brighton finds himself fighting for the girl he loves as well as his own life while simultaneously discovering an even bigger secret about himself. 
The two young lovers simply want to live in peace but they are constantly hunted because of their special talents.
Brighton has to overcome great odds and even death itself if he is going to save himself and Lilian from the evil determined to destroy them.



I must admit i have had this book a while and just never got round to reading it, but if i had known it was going to be as good as it was i would have bumped it up my list. Right from the very first page i was captured and drawn into the story-line, with characters that grow as you continue to read showing and giving you more all of the time. Lilian is a well written and lovable, but as with all great characters there is also that little bit that you can't quite figure out going on, but as you progress through everything becomes clear, and there's nothing better than a character growing and maturing throughout a great book. Brighton on the other hand is a typical alpha male with a strong physique and even stronger character, i love the growing relationship between both of the characters, even the twists and turns that come about as the grow and mature. The whole story-line is amazing with everything a reader could need emotion, fighting, growth and development. The whole world just jumps out and drags you in leaving you nowhere to go other than to continue reading until the very end. I can't wait to read the next installment out in March. All i can say is thank you MJ for bringing us this book and creating a get away, i know that anyone loving this genre is going to love this book it is a must read. 

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Jenna Kay Interview

Today we have joining us the one and only Jenna Kay, please make her feel welcome.

Welcome Jenna, many thanks for taking the time to answer my questions on behalf of the amazing readers out there.

Jenny: As most of my readers know you are releasing Mark of the seer out into the world, how does it feel? 
Jenna: Extreme giddiness, thrilled, excited, and so ready to take over the world! ;)

Jenny:  From the Mark of the seer which is your favorite character ? and why?    

Jenna: I would have to say Sam, Clarity's guardian angel.  He's amazing, strong, loyal, and super hot.

Jenny:  Is there a favorite genre of books that you love to read and write?   

Jenna: I read all sorts of genres, but Paranormal YA is my number one fave.  And the only works I've written are Paranormal YA, though I'm thinking later on a different genres.

Jenny: If you could send a letter of advice to your younger self what would it say? And why?   

Jenna: I would tell myself not to sweat the small stuff, not to worry about what others think or say about you, and no, you're totally not fat!

Jenny: What is your inspiration/muse while you are writing?  

Jenna: Music is a definite must while I'm writing, from love songs to heavy metal.  I listen to anything and everything while I write.  The more noise in the background, the better I can concentrate....can you say ADHD?  LOL!

Jenny:  What do you like to do in your down time?                 
Jenna: Sleep, eat, play with the kids, and read.

Jenny: What is your favorite fruit ? and why ?  

Jenna: Mangoes.  They're just yummers.

Jenny:  If I looked in your fridge now what would I find ?  

Jenna: Eggs, juice, and left over Chinese food.

Jenny: What 3 things would you take if you were stranded on a desert island?   

Jenna: Food, water, and my sanity.

Jenny: What songs do you sing in the shower?   

Jenna: Depends on my mood.  Sometimes Cristina Perry, Sometimes Rage Against the Machine.  I'm nutty that way.

Jenny: Chocolate or Vanilla ?  

Jenna: Both.

Jenny: What does purple smell like?   

Jenna: Lavender and love.

Jenny:   What drink could you not live without ?  

Jenna: COFFEE!!!!!

Jenny: Why’s a Raven like a writing desk ?  

Jenna: No freakin' clue, though ravens tend to bring out the darkness in everyone.

Jenny: One final question what are you working on now?   

Jenna: I'm currently working on Masquerade, the third book in the Seer Society Series, and also my newest series, The Gracen Chronicles.

I think that concludes my questions for today many thanks for doing the interview.    :)
Here's links to my pages...stalk me!!!!

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Almost Human - Melanie Nowak

Almost Human - Melanie Nowak 

ALMOST HUMAN ~ The First Trilogy ~ 3-in-1 Edition 
In this paranormal fantasy, chapters alternate between a vampire and a young woman, as they join an ensemble cast to navigate difficulties of addiction and desire; perils of zombies and vampires; and struggles with abuse, morality and... college. 

~ Volume 1: Fatal Infatuation ~ 
Felicity views going away to college as an opportunity to mature into a confident young woman, but her new beginning turns out to be more of an adventure than she bargains for when she finds that her school is plagued by vampires! 
Cain is an elder vampire who displays quiet confidence even as he struggles to overcome sins of his past. Surprisingly, he found that in losing his life he gained his faith and a purpose. 
His mission: find the hostile vampires that inhabit this small college town, and educate them to live in peace with humans. Their leader, Sindy, is a wicked temptress who has set her sights on Felicity's new friend Ben. She will be difficult to control, but after meeting Felicity, Cain's most difficult task lies in controlling himself. 

~ Volume 2: Lost Reflections ~ 
Felicity has helped her friends to escape the venomous vixen Sindy, but cannot divine the motives of Cain, the vampire who captured first her gratitude, and then her heart. 
She finds the historical account of Cain’s past enthralling and frightening. Now she must determine whether the addictive venom in Cain’s kiss is clouding her judgment, and if his thirst for her blood is a driving force too strong for their love to conquer. 
It’s difficult to contemplate such questions while under the attack of a vengeful vampire and his zombie slaves. Felicity’s heart has already been lost to Cain; will she lose her life as well? 

~ Volume 3: Evolving Ecstasy ~ 

The relationship between Cain and Felicity has crested to a peak that leaves them unsure whether to step back from each other for safety, or jump into a future united in death. Felicity is unlike any human Cain has known before. She treats him as an equal; a man worthy of friendship, respect and even… love. She embodies qualities of gentleness and loving trust that he has never found among his own kind. This makes her far more desirable to him than any creature of darkness could ever be. 
The venom of Cain’s bite could protect Felicity from hostile vampires, but it would give him a measure of psychic control over her as well. Would Felicity only accept becoming a vampire, due to his addictive venom, coupled with the foolishness of a young girl in love? 
Perhaps there is a brighter future for her in the human world. Is Cain’s desire for Felicity’s love worth the loss of her life?


My review:
Volume 1:  Fatal Infatuation
First of all I loved this book right from the first chapter. I loved the characters especially Felicity, she has everything going for her but doesn’t seem to realise it. She is a well rounded character and has been written in such a way as to make you believe she really does exist,  of course she also has character traits but this makes her all the more lovable. Cain is an in depth and intriguing character who has not only lived many centuries, wants to follow his beliefs even though that wars with what he has become. You never really know which side of himself he is going to follow especially when it comes to his flaws, and of those he has a few, the biggest one appears to be Felicity at the minute.
I loved the whole story-line, finding it well written, captivating and enthralling and addictive all at the same time. Credit goes to the author in bringing the world to life, giving all of the characters their own identities and making the whole story believable. You can truly loose yourself within the book feeling and growing with the characters as you go, and in places the story line even gave you thought to visit your own morals and what you would do in a given situation. I really enjoyed this first in the series and will be continuing on in this trilogy book.

Volume 2:  Lost Reflections
The second volume follows well from the first leaving no gaps, I love the way Felicity is growing and maturing, finding new strength and discovering her inner self. We gain more in depth knowledge of her life and the way she perceives everyone around her. She grows in confidence and depth. We find out so much more about Cain and his back story, leaving the reader with no questions as to who he was and what he has done, this brings to light a whole different side of him that is both shocking and intriguing. The growing relationship between the pair is well written and well worded making the reader feel as if they are feeling and going through everything with them both. This includes the ups and downs within the relationship, as well as bringing to the fore the relationships that are growing between all of the main characters. We see a different side to Ben and Allie, with new discoveries being made about both of their pasts. I love the storyline and felt that is was well written, enticing and enthralling, giving the reader all the emotions needed to carry them through and feel everything with the characters. The action scenes were well written and believable, and the love scenes added by the author made the book all the more believable and interesting, giving the reader a believable and well structures romantic side to everything going on.

Volume 3: Evolving Ecstasy
This is an amazing last part to this 3 volume book, with love laughter and sadness. I loved the continual development of the characters, finding the twists and turns in the story-line really well developed, even if I was not always able to see them coming. The relationships are becoming more intense and in depth making the reader feel all the emotions and following with everything that is happening. The story line leaves only what it needs to in order to make the reader think about what is actually happening, I felt that I always wanted more and did not want to put the book down without finding out what was going to happen next. The author has managed to continually bring a world in which I can immerse myself whole heartedly in, feeling, loving and laughing along with Felicity, Ben, Allie and Cain. They have truly rocked my world. I loved everything about this series and I can not wait to start reading the next set of books within this series to find out what else is going to happen. I recommend this series to anyone who is a lover of paranormal romance, as this has everything you need to get lost. With amazing characters, awesome writing and believability it is a must have for the more adult readers of this genre, I believe you will love what you find within theses pages. 

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Suzan Battah

I have Suzan Battah for y'all today, She is going to be telling everyone the secrets behind Mad about the boy.

The Secret behind Mad About the Boy

Well, there is a secret story behind the book Mad About the Boy. It's not seedy, or even romantic but just the truth and I'm here to share the secret.

Since I was a little girl, I always wanted to be swept off my feet by some dashing hero and we'd get married and live in a castle with plenty of children to follow. I was young! But I was a lonely child and we didn't have family around, growing up in a quiet suburb. I was a quiet child and didn't have many friends. Though I loved to read and always had a fascination with the Medieval Period, Regency Period and anything Fantasy or Sci Fi. I also dreamed and dreamed about running away to live in England where I could visit Jane Austen's house, see the massive palaces and maybe the Queen and lots of castles and walk around in the country and who cares if it's raining! That was the fantastical world from my eyes as a child and right into my teens (even now) I still daydream about what it would be like to have lived in those times or my own world. My imagination runs wild, seriously I can't help it - so I write.

Going back to my youth, we had a very small library but we were allowed to borrow ten books and I used to devour Sweet Valley High and some other Teen Romances like Judy Blooms work. Since I could read them so fast, I was starting to get bored. I ventured into the Adult Shelves of books. I was a bit horrified by the extensive selection. They had more variety than us! It was by accident that I spotted a book with a small hot pink sticker with a ladies slim legs in fishnet stockings on the spine of a book. I was immediately intrigued. Once a Princess by Johanna Lindsey popped straight into my hand. I fell in love with romance and it was really good. I read the book over and over again without ever getting bored. I scrimped and saved $15.00 to purchase my own copy, I was only twelve.

I suffered from loneliness and depression in my youth but I won't bore you with sad tales. I overcame my struggles with the joys of reading and what later became my love of writing. I let me imagination run wild and wrote everything I could down. It wasn't good but it made me feel like I had a purpose. At the age of eighteen, my parents gave me a second hand computer and I begged for them to enrol me in the Diploma of Professional Romance Writing Course at the Australian College of Journalism. I learnt and I wrote and I absorbed as much as I could from everything and anyone. I became a member of RWA and immersed myself into the writing world.

Mad About the Boy was born - a Contemporary Romance with a multicultural couple. I was so proud of my achievement. I sent out manuscripts, got rejected over a hundred times had it reviewed by countless agents. I've been shredded to bits in writer's competitions by my peers, I've also won two awesome awards for the same manuscript. I've written this beautiful, charismatic love story and wanted to share it with the world. There was a stigma behind Independently Publishing, other authors stare down their noses or put you down. It's considered taboo but not anymore I hope with the great many successes out there. Wonderful authors whose voices may never have been heard if not for independently taking their own art form and business with their own hands. I'm proud of the choice I made and even more so when the readers tell me how much they love Mad About the Boy. I write for the readers to entertain.

I love being a writer.

Mad About the Boy is my first novel and I'm so excited to share it with readers who love romance. It's got the raw emotion of a bumpy relationship, comedic relief and drama which is normal in everyday life. It'll make you laugh, cry and giggle out loud. I fell in love with the 1940s soulful song of Mad About the Boy by Dinah Washington. Go out and take a listen to this song on YouTube, it's truly what my novel is about. A woman so madly in love with a man though she tries very hard not to fall so deep. The multicultural aspect of Mad About the Boy comes from my own diverse experience growing up in an ethnic family. I've written Mad About the Boy with my heart and soul and hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

And damn, I'm still waiting for my very own 'Christophe' to walk my way, 2012 could be the year.

Thank you Jenny for having me on your blog.

I say this phrase in many ways more than once when I Guest Post or at my Blog and I'll say it over and over again - Appreciate each moment we have. Life is too short, embrace romance and love your family, protect and keep them secure.

Author Bio
Suzan Battah is a proud Australian born author who has loved to write since her teenage years. In 2011 she published her first novel a contemporary multicultural romance - Mad About the Boy. In her spare time she weaves magical tales to entertain. Suzan writes YA Fiction - Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance, Regency Romance and Contemporary Romance. Other fun things you can find her doing is training at the gym and Latin/Ballroom dancing. Suzan is afraid of heights, loves most things that are sweet, has no clue about fashion and one day hopes to speak Spanish fluently.

About the book:
Julia Mendoza is driven by the success of her business. Since her husband Carlos passed away at such a young age, her business By Design is her number one priority. In her late twenties she works too hard and doesn’t take time out for fun. Annoyance with a pesky ex-friend has her begging one of the local surfer’s with a cheeky smile in the grocery store to pretend he’s her boyfriend. Suddenly, life takes a sudden detour from her business plan; much to the delight of her boisterous Latin American family.
Christophe Augustine is groomed to take over his father’s successful chain of luxurious hotels. With a wealthy French-American background, Chris has been given privileges that not many have. He works hard, plays harder but seeks approval and recognition above all else. Family is a top priority for him as he fights for custody of his young brother. His parent’s divorce has not diminished his faith in romance. When a gorgeous Latino woman changes one boring morning into an interesting game of role play, though reluctant to help at first, he soon realises she’s not like the string of other women he’s known.
A romantic first date ending dramatically doesn’t stop Chris from wanting to know Julia more. And for Julia, she’s all for a bit of fun but when things get too serious she’s running the other way. Too alike, in some ways and complete opposites, in others ways, Julia and Chris fumble through fun moments, annoying confrontations, passionate times and heartbreaking revelations.
Love has no boundaries when soul-mates meet but when one is ready to love and the other one isn’t..

My review: 5/5

I must admit i really did enjoy reading this book, in fact i stayed up till 4am because i wanted to finish it. I loved the story right from the start, i really loved the way the book is written, and the characters.
This book is a well wrote erotic romance, i say erotic as some of the scenes are quite steamy. The whole relationship building between Julia and Chris is so enchanting, it will keep you hooked for the entire book. The dramas they go through, and the tests they face both personally and as a couple are well thought out and realistic.
Julia's plight throughout the book with what should she do go with her head or her heart is such a typical everyday story, i think lots of people will be able to relate to the character.
Overall i loved the whole thing, and if you are into chick lit, romance or erotic fiction please give this a go i don't think you will be disappointed.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Forsaken - Series Spotlight

Today i have the honor of spotlighting a new series. The Forsaken series so let me tell you a little bit about the series.

The Forsaken Series
By Elise Whyles and Ciara Lake

Series Overview:
Among us walk immortal beings – cursed to hide within the shadows they live along side us as they have for centuries. Using, feeding, living off the mortals so reviled for their weakness – yet there are some who will be awakened and immortality will be given.
Now, an ancient evil stirs – rising to threaten not only the Immortal Realms but the mortal world. A cursed vampire General stirs, plotting his revenge on those who have forsaken him…but he’s forgotten about the innocent, who like him have been punished.
There are those who are Forsaken.
It could be anyone among us…
Series Website   Elise Whyles Facebook   Ciara Lake Facebook

The first book, Forsaken Heart by Elise Whyles is set to release in April 2012. The second book Curse of a Dargon’s Claim  by Ciara Lake will release shortly after.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Gracen Miller - Blog spot

Road to Hell Series Character Interview

Jenny: We have Zennyo “Zen” Ryuo, Madison Wescott and her son, Amos, with us today from the Road to Hell series. This is Zen’s first ever interview, so play nice with him. For those that aren’t familiar with Zen, he’s the enigmatic immortal mentor of Madison Wescott…heroine in the Road to Hell series. They were introduced in Pandora’s Box, and on February 17th, their second adventure will be released in, Hell’s Phoenix. Thank you for taking time out of your demon infested life to sit down with me and a few other Hellhounds.

Madison: It’s a pleasure to be here. *smiles* Taking a vacation from demon hunting is always a delight.

Zen: *nods*

Amos: *says while chewing food* Thanks for the chocolate covered donuts.

Madison: Amos, don’t talk with your mouth full.

Amos: Uh-huh.

Jenny: Eat all you want, Amos. I’ll get the questions started…Zen, I understand you’re an immortal. Can you tell us how old you are?

Zen: Almost as old as dirt.

Madison: He’s a man of few words. *turns to face Zen* She’d like a little more explanation from you.

Zen: Like what? I am almost as old as dirt.

Jenny: Does anyone in the audience have any questions for the trio?

Shalisha: *stands* I do.

Jenny: Please, go ahead.

Shalisha: Zen, what is your ideal date?

Zen: I don’t date.

Madison: Play along, Zen.

Zen: *deep breath* My ideal date…*shakes head* I’m sorry, I have no idea. Dating is for someone that has time for a life outside of keeping the world balanced.

Madison: Maybe an idea date would one where you didn’t have to worry about keeping the world balanced?

Zen: That’s called a fantasy.

Madison: *laughs*

Shalisha: Would you ever settle down and have a family?

Zen: Not ever again.

Madison: Why? You’re a good man. You deserve to be happy.

Zen: I’m not a mere man, but…*peers at his feet*…losing my first family was too hard. I wouldn’t want to experience that again.

Amos: *halts in eating his donut* But you’re our family now. Aren’t you scared of losing us?

Zen: *uncomfortable glance at Amos* You wouldn’t understand, Amos.

Madison: I believe this question is making Zen uncomfortable. Will you please go to the next question?

Kris: *stands up and waves her hand* Over here. *waits until she gains their attention* Madison, similar to Shalisha’s family question, would you like to have more children?

Madison: *gazes fondly at Amos* At one time I wanted another child very much. But the world I live in is too dangerous and unpredictable. I wouldn’t want to raise more children in this life. It’s unfair to Amos, so I couldn’t justify having another.

Amos: Having a brother or sister would be fun. I would be a good big brother and protect them, Momma. I would teach them how to fight monsters.

Madison: I know you would, angel. But what if they had no powers and couldn’t defend themselves. It’d make them very vulnerable. I’d always be scared I wouldn’t be able to protect them or that something bad would happen to them.

Amos: *wiggles in his seat as he thinks about this* I wouldn’t want you to be scared all the time.

Jenny: To each of you…how private of a person are you? Why?

Zen: Very private. *rubs nape* There are a great many things about myself it would be dangerous for others to know.

Madison: Zen, one of the great mysteries of the world. *gives him a teasing grin* I don’t even know a tenth of Zen’s history. But what I do know, most of you wouldn’t believe anyway. As for me and Amos, I try to remain private. With Zen in my head, I can’t hide from him. But the more secretive I am, the easier it is to hide from my husband.

Kathryn: Amos, what did you think of Zen when you first met him?

Amos: *swinging feet back and forth* Momma was scared of him at first, but I knew he was good. Zen wasn’t real nice to her at first. I think he wanted her to be scared of him.

Madison: *makes a face* Why do you think he wanted me to be scared of him?

Amos: So he wouldn’t get attached to us and feel bad if he decided we had to die. *devious giggle* We grew on him fast. We’re awesome that way.

Zen: Like supernatural fungus. *winks at Amos* Can’t get rid of them now.

Madison: *laughs* You’re terrible at jokes, Zen.

Kathryn: Amos, what do you think of Zen now?

Amos: He is cool! *sits straight and stops swinging his feet*

Zen: *grunts* I wish I felt cool.

Madison: *catches Amos’s wrist before he wipes his sticky fingers on the chair and shoves a napkin in his palm*

Amos: *licks frosting off his fingers instead of using the napkin*

Madison: *groans*

Amos: I wish I could teleport and throw balls of fire like him. So neat!

Kathryn: Can you or Zen tell me about how you work together on your magic?

Amos: *shrugs* I dunno. Sometimes I don’t know what I can do until it happens. Can I have another donut?

Jenny: Of course.

Madison: You’ve had enough.

Zen: He’s a natural. He taps into them with innate ability.

Jenny: Zen…Madison…how do you feel about Amos’s powers?

Madison: *shifts in her seat and crosses her ankles* They terrify me, but they’re a part of him, so I can’t deny they exist.

Zen: The trick is teaching him how to manage them. *tousles Amos’s hair* He’s good at learning to wield them quickly.

Jenny: We’re almost out of time, but we can get to one or two more quick questions if anyone has one? *scans the audience*

Ella:  Amos, what do you want to be when you grow up?

Amos: A superhero!

Ella: Which superhero would you want to be like the most?

Amos: Either like my Daddy or Nix.

Zen: *glowers* Neither are superheroes or good role models.

Amos: Uh huh!

Madison: I believe this is a discussion for home.

Jenny: Well, that looks like all the time we have today. Madison, Zen and Amos, thanks so much for joining us.

Zen: *nods*

Amos: Thanks for the donuts. *beams*

Madison: It was our pleasure.


I hope you enjoyed getting to know Zen, Madison and Amos from the Road to Hell series. You can read the first three chapters of Pandora’s Box and Hell’s Phoenix, on my blog at:

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Thanks for having my gang with you today, Jenny!


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Pandora’s Box Blurb:

Where does the road to Hell begin?

What happens when your son turns homicidal overnight and your husband disappears on his way to work? Do you cower in fear or fight for your life? Madison Wescott fights against the odds. Distrustful of a God she doesn't believe in, she finds herself face-to-face with a world she didn't know existed and discovers her own soul is darkened with demonic connections.
With good intentions? Or by demonic design?

Phoenix Birmingham bursts into Madison’s life in a whirlwind of sarcasm and sexual appeal. A hero for the masses—and for her jaded heart—but few will ever know the sacrifices he has made or the sacrifices to come. Discovering her entire life has been influenced by multifaceted paranormal beings, Madison is determined to defeat the apocalyptic blueprint fate has decreed, but only one man dares to challenge the supernatural forces manipulating them. Even with Phoenix's aid, can destiny be denied? Or will demonic design prevail while they pay the crucial price with their souls?

In a small, sleepy Alabama town the battle for mankind's liberty has begun...

Hell’s Phoenix Blurb:

Hell’s become more than just a playground for the wicked…

Going to Hell was supposed to save Madison, but knowing she’s dead because of his failure leaves Nix with only one thing to live for. Revenge. With Micah’s help he learns to use his Messianic power. Anything for Mads has become his mantra, even if it means killing innocents to gather the power he needs to succeed. A tsunami he unleashes on a Gulf Coast city is stopped with magical interference, and Nix is more than surprised to feel Madison in the opposing magic. Can he and Micah set a trap to lure her out?

Pandora’s Box…once you open it, there’s no turning back!

Madison has done the unthinkable, opened Pandora’s Box to save Nix from Hell. And failed. She’s willing to risk her own life to rescue Nix, but she worries about the welfare of her accomplice in the mission and leaving her son behind. Following up on a lead, she’s ambushed by Nix and Micah. Shocked and hurt to discover Nix has become a willing participant of Hell, she’s more certain than ever she won’t escape the demonic fate her husband outlined for her. While in Hell, she discovers denying the emergence of her succubus is futile, which means getting Nix out of Hell after embracing her inner demon just became a very real dilemma…

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