If your an author or publisher and would like me to review something please feel free to contact me at with a heading of review.
I mostly read Paranormal, paranormal romance,Fantasy and sci-fi books of all types for all ages and I'm also interested in books about myths and legends, I also like YA fiction, a little chick-lit, i will at times read erotic fiction. 
All of my reviews are as spoiler free as i can make them and they are always honest.
I will always try to review your book as quickly as I can, if I have no others then I'll read it right away, if I do have others it'll go onto the end of the queue unless I decide to priortise it for any reason, such as an upcoming release date or a theme I might be having.
I prefer hard copies but I do have the means to read kindle and pdf formatted books.
I will always send you a link to my review as soon as it's done, if you'd like to write a guest post to go up around the same time as my review then that's fine, just let me know. I'm also happy to host giveaways.
I also post my reviews on Bookaholics Facebook page and Goodreads, If you'd like the review posted anywhere else, such as Amazon, just let me know.

5/5 = I loved it!
4/5 = I really like it.
3/5 = I liked it.
2/5 = It's ok.
1/5 = I didn't like it.


  1. Hello: I am respectfully requesting a review of my book, The Guardian's Wildchild. It was published by Omnific Publishing on September 27, 2011. Attached is a document which provides details about my book, interview sample, excerpt, and my website information. Please let me know if you will accept my request and, if so, what book format you require. Thank you.
    Please contact me for more information at: Thanks

    1. Feather if you could please send me a message to the above email address, including a book synopsis etc i will be able to consider your request.

      Many thanks

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