Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Oceans of red volume one - Willow Cross

Oceans of Red volume one - Willow Cross

About the book:
By 2015 the streets of Los Angeles have been transformed from a thriving metropolis to a hostile world ravaged by demons bent on assimilating the human race. Standing between this total apocalypse of humanity and their chance for survival is 19 year old Remy Martin. 

A warrior in her own right, trained to think on her feet and kill if the situation requires, she is flanked by her older brother and younger sister. Together, they devise a plan to take back the streets. Against the wishes of their father, who commands the resistance forces, they venture into unknown realms of the supernatural in a race against time with the fate of the entire world in their young hands. 

Join them on their mission into darkness where death lies around every corner, it is virtually impossible to distinguish your enemies from your allies, and a single mistake could result in the annihilation of everyone you’ve ever known and loved


My Review:

I really enjoyed reading this book it had me captured from the first chapter, with believable in depth characters along with a well plotted and thought out story-line there is a little of something for everyone. I loved Remy as a character she is strong willed, enigmatic and independent but also has a deep feeling of family and duty. She is resourceful and well rounded, capturing the reader and drawing them into the whole story. Along with Remy we meet her older brother and younger sister who are equally lovable in their own unique ways.  The story-line carries the reader along and making them believe that demons really can exist and would dearly love to take over the world and make it their own. All credit goes to Willow for managing to produce a book that not only provides great characters, but also provides a great escape from everyday life giving the reader everything that they need to delve into the world that has been created and not want to leave. I will be heading over to read the next part of this story and can not wait to find out what happens to Remy and the gang in their fight against the demons. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves paranormal, but also enjoys their stories with a bit of a twist.  

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