Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Johanna Frappier - Interview

Today i have an interview by Johanna the author of The Fairy circle series, make her feel at home.

1. Have you made mistakes along the way, for example, do you want to share anything be it a publishing company/agency that people should avoid?

I've made lots of mistakes. Lots and lots of grammatical mistakes, dropped word/missed letter mistakes, awkward sentence mistakes because i didn't read my story out loud when editing- you need to read your story out loud when editing..... I Google a lot to get a feel for a company's reputation and read the going's on in Facebook groups, but i think the most important thing you can do for yourself in publishing is what you should do for yourself in life - work with the people you want to work with. Don't  work with an ass because they might publish your book.:D 

2. What are your habits when you sit down to create? Do you have to be in a certain room? outside?

I love to work outside when it’s nice, but I usually work very early in the morning, 4am or so, and sometimes in the middle of the night. The silence is wonderful. 

3.  Did your art come from just a need to express yourself or a particular experience that you had?

I had always written well.  I was told, ‘You write well.  Here’s an A.’  I didn’t *need* to write until I had my third child and realized I was going to die a long, slow death if I continued to repress my evil/freakish side.  So I adjusted my life to include writing and now no one has to suffer my insanity.  Much.

4.  Any favorite bands? Do you use music to inspire you as you create your art?

Each of my personalities demands different music on any given day.  I love Sting and George Michael, some Metallica and Ozzy, lots of Evanescence, loads of Enya and Kitaro.  Sometimes I dwell in the 80s, sometimes the 90s, sometimes I live in the now.  The 50s - not so much.  I love Zydeco, harp, bagpipes, and tribal rhythms – always instrumental for writing.  I listen to trance while writing too, but not if they talk too much.  Lots of angels going WwwwaaAAAaaaaaAAAAAh is okay.

5.  What steps have you taken to succeed?

I don’t give up.

6.  What songs do you like to sing in the shower?

            Go To Sleep Little Baby, ala Oh, Brother Where Art Thou.  I love that movie. I need to get into      the siren mood, concoct some killer females for the next part of  FAIRY ROUNDABOUT. :D  I also sing   Take On Me in angelic falsetto, but I think it might translate as mermaid screech.

7.  What does Blue smell like?

            Blue smells light and clear and fresh.

8. If I looked in your fridge now what would I find?

           Yogurt, field greens, lots of fruits and vegetables, chicken chili (I forget what it’s really called – they put it on the table when you have dim sum in Boston Chinatown)…yes, I eat junk – that’s why it’s not in the fridge.

9.  If you could take 1 thing onto a dessert island what would it be and why?

            Fresh water – because I’m practical first.*Exciting* is buried under many layers of *are we secure?

10.  Why's a raven like a writing desk?

            I tried to answer this, but I kept getting distracted by dust motes. How is an arty farty like an intelligentsia?  When he’s accomplished at fooling people into   thinking his nutty question is deep.  :D 

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  1. Jenny, I thank you so much for doing the interview. I think your blog looks fantastic!! Best wishes.

  2. Lol! Loved this interview and love Johanna's writing. She gets As from me too!

  3. great interview...u handled tht great...(:?)

  4. I absolutely LOVED the interview, Jenny!! Thank you both, now I have to go and get this book because I am drawn to it!!

  5. Thanks Johanna for letting me do this interview i can't wait to read your books.
    Shalini thanks for stopping by and liking the interview.
    Jenny i'm glad you liked it and yes go grab a copy of the book too :D

    1. Thank you for having me, Miss Jenny - this is EXACTLY why I love to do what I do. Truly. xoxo