Thursday, 15 March 2012

Justice Inc story-line review and more

Justice Inc 
So for this post i am heading in a different direction, a lot of my readers know all about reading books, but what about another side to reading!!! There is a whole other world out there and it is Role Play (r/p). So for those who don't know what this is i will explain a little before i get into what i am doing here, R/P is an area of writing that is loosely based on characters from your favourite books like the Brotherhood/ Fallen Angel series, even indie  etc, there are many many more depending on how and where you want to look, and it is not hard to find this area of writing. So you say what does this have to do with reading/writing and reviewing, well the people behind these characters love them so much that they want to share them with you the reader and they do this by creating and adapting characters then writing story-lines for everyone to read. These characters will vary, with each different person that plays them each bringing their individual stamp and writing style, as well as new ideas for the future of the character and where they are going to go, some of which the original author of the book would never have thought of. So if you are interested in looking up this type of writing there is no better place then the good old world of facebook where you will find something for everyone, please remember though these pages are 18+ , have rules to keep everyone safe and happy, and always have a real people with lives behind them, but feel free to head out and find them. So onto what i originally planned to do, i am here to review one particular page and story-line on facebook and i will now jump in and give you all an idea as to the sort of creative and brilliant writing that can be found even if it isn't in a book.

So the page link is here feel free to check them out, but the story-line may not be for everyone:
Justice Inc story-line page:

This is a week long storyline that they are writing so although not completed yet it is well worth checking out, i will give you a snippet of what to expect and what their aims are straight from the page.

"Justice Inc is doing a special S/L on the atrocities in Sudan. We are trying to bring awareness about this situation the only way we know how by the written word. We mean no harm or indignities by writing this S/L."

Official start of the S/L is going to be Tuesday March 13, 2012

Yours truly Lassiter and Skyler. 

ATTENTION: Here is sneak peak at the Start of our S/L "Another Man's War" Start date is March, 13th 2012 on are S/L wall make sure you come and check it out.

Lassiter Fallen
Sitting in the conference room with Sky and Delvecchio while we go over the case file for the old case. My heart and mind wasn't really into do this because deep down inside I felt something was wrong. I couldn't shake the feeling that something big was coming and I wasn't sure what it was.

Feeling Sky's eyes on me, I turn my head to look at her. The frown on her face told me she was feeling the same vibe that I was too. Pushing the files away from and standing suddenly, I move to the window. Crossing my arms over my chest as I stare out at the peaceful city that had become home to me all those years ago.

I listen to Delvecchio's voice as he reads to files aloud with only half an ear, my thoughts were turned internally on what this strange feeling was. I hear a phone ring near by but I ignore until I hear Sky's voice raise to a near shout.

Whipping around to stare at her, her face white with fear. "Marco! Marco are you there?" She shakes her and hits the speaker button on the phone.

The sounds of shots and shouting echo through the speaker. My heart sinks in my chest with each gun shot. Then Marco's voice came through the speaker, quiet and fearful. "We need help. They are attacking us. I didn't know who else to call. Help us! Please Lass! Sky!" The sounds of rustling comes quickly after his words as if he was laying the phone down.

I open my mouth to speak when another voice comes out of the speaker. "Nawvlee wants to see you preacher man."

Soon there were the sounds of a struggle and then it went deathly quiet. My mind was numb from what I had just heard. I didn't know what to think or do at this point.


My eyes fly to Sky at the sound of my name, to see her eyes filled with tears of horror and anger. Walking over to her and wrapping my arms around her. I could feel her body shaking.

"What the fuck was that? Who the hell was Marco? Tell me what is going on."

My eyes wander to Delvecchio, to find him standing with his hands clenched into fist at his sides.

"Marco is a priest who does missionary work over in Sudan. He is a family friend we had meet years ago. What you just heard was an entire medical village come under attack."

"Who is Nawvlee?"

"He is a war lord over there that is destroying the country. He and his army move from one village to another, killing anyone in sight and kidnapping the children and forcing them to become his soldiers."

So as you can see this is going to be a very intense and adult storyline, but feel free to join everyone over there, and on to my review. 


My review:
All though on the surface this is a very real and to the point storyline, i find that this is written with thought and feeling by all the characters involved, and all credit has to go to the amazing writers that love to write storyline's for both the readers and their own enjoyment, even if at times  emotionally draining and a very hard story to write. They feel that they need to get it out there in the only way they know how and that is to write about it. The characters are well built, well structured and have emotional depth, and you find that you are captivated by what they have to say not only through their words but also their actions. They weave believable and in depth scenes that you can loose yourself in and really feel like you are part of all of the action that is happening around, with great character interaction and realistic fight and action scenes that leave just enough to the imagination for you to picture them yet leaving out no detail. This story is not for the faint hearted and is definitely an 18+ read it is well worth not only checking out this storyline, but checking out others that they are writing as they bring so much quality and depth to their work and writing that it is hard not to fall in love with the characters all over again and in a new light with every read. I found that i fell in love with many of the characters, and i believe that other readers will feel the same so head over and find out what is happening at Justice Inc, with Skyler and Lassiter being the main characters behind all the goings on over there, you will also love characters such as Felicity, Veck, Ali, Ramiel, Pynx, Ace and of course find some old names such as Tohrment,  Wellsie and Vishous. Happy reading and please feel free to let me know what you think of this storyline. I know i will be keeping track of all of the happening over there and enjoying what they have to say and write.