Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Forever - Gillian Joy

Forever - Gillian Joy 

About the book: 
Book two in the Guardian series. 
Hannah’s life has never been easy, despite her strong willed determination and her extra “gifts”, it's still always been hard work keeping an entire world full of the supernatural under control, but having achieved a small semblance of control over most of the custas, Hannah was hoping to be able to slip back into her life of normalcy. Wishful thinking when you're the guardian of all supernatural. 
With all the issues she’d had to endure in her past, she'd never had to worry about the mermaids before, so why would they choose now to suddenly start haunting her dreams and her life. Then there are the fairies to contend with as well, just when she manages to get one aspect of the crudelitas under control, the others decide it’s time to start causing problems. 
All Hannah wants is some quiet family time and a chance to reflect on her feelings for Gabriel but instead she's thrown back into the thick of the supernatural world, and this time it threatens to invade the quiet family life she has worked so hard to establish. There's no running away this time, she has to front the challenges head on, but forever can be a long time if you can't be with the one you love.


My Review: 
The first thing i have to say is amazing, Gillian has done it again. She has managed to seamlessly follow on the amazing first book Guardian with an even better second one. The characters are growing and maturing both in themselves and in the close knit relationships with each other. With Hannah's  constant struggle with her emotions for Gabriel, constantly causing her inner turmoil that she believes will lead to heart break no matter what she decides to do. Until in a twist of fate a few things become clear but what will Hannah do with this new twist? Hannah's growing relationship with Bernard who has always been there for her, in their ever changing relationship. They find that although they both  have a huge revelation to confess neither want's to have that conversation will the depth of their relationship change? Gillian has managed to make the reader submerge themselves if possible even deeper into Hannah's world and everything that comes with it, she has managed to captivate you into reading and feeling every new twist and turn that the story-line takes, feeling every emotion with a real depth as it is felt by each respective character. She has flawlessly managed to integrate new and existing characters bringing together and describing in depth the new crudelitas we meet and grow to love. I can't stress enough how amazing and captivating this book is, and i urge every paranormal loving reader to go and check out this series. I know i for one can not wait for my next Hannah and Gabriel fix. 

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