Monday, 6 February 2012

The vampire of meadow lake - Jason Petty

The vampire of meadow lake - Jason Petty

About the book:
Jenny was an outcast her entire life. The death of her best friend, Amy , ripped her in half and left her alone with only her abusive family to turn to. Only one person would stand by her side - John, class clown and aspiring car guy. He remains more than loyal, even as she lashes out and blames him for her problematic life. When her online search for Amy's killer leads her to go missing like her friend before her, he becomes her only hope. but as his worries and motives come to light, he begins to look less and less like the loyal, loving boyfriend he's been playing.


My review:
I loved the characters in this book, as i always love to hate characters. The story line flowed well once i got into the book, with twists and turns in the plot keeping me want to read more. I loved the added twist that not only do you get real time but you get to read all about the dream state, which i felt added that little extra to the whole story line, all credit goes to the author for managing to take the reader back and forth between the different states and making it work to the story lines advantage. The ending of the book was amazing leaving the reader in a state of shock as i didn't see that coming. I would recommend that readers look up this book and give it a read i know you won't be disappointed and you will be enthralled and captivated to finish the book. 

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