Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Ninfa Hayes - Random Ramblings of an up and coming Author

“The stuff of dreams...ramblings of a new author”

First of all, a huge thank you to my girl Jenny for the opportunity to Guest Post on her lovely Blog :)

So, today I was rambling in my head (a lot happens in there, there's like whole Greek Tragedies playing out at any given time!) about my upcoming first release, “Bites”, and the journey to get it from my head into your hands (hopefully...).
There are a lot of “Publishers” and “Editors” out there nowadays. Some serious and professional, some less so, but with the power of the Internet and Social sites, everyone fancies themselves able to provide the services to authors that, as writers, we need to be able to deliver a good product today. Cause you know, if you can write, doesn't necessarily mean you can Edit or Market a book to your public.
Don't get me wrong, there are incredibly talented people out there who just have it. They can multitask to levels that make the mind boggle and do it well, but let's face it, as a reader as well as a writer it's sometimes obvious to me that quality right now has taken a back seat to quantity.
So how does that make me feel?
Well, my book is nothing pretentious. I don't write life changing stories and as much as I'd like to think that I have a little flair with words, truth is the most important thing for me is that people are entertained. I'm not here to teach any lessons, I leave that to more intelligent and educated people than me, but if my stories make you smile or cry, I consider myself satisfied and blessed.
That's the spirit in which I approached my Publisher, Bitten Fruit Books.
It was very clear to me from the beginning of this journey, that my goal was to deliver an entertaining book that would be edited to high standards and presented to the public in a professional manner.
It seems my choice to go with BFB was the best I ever made.
I never thought I'd be one day holding my own book in my hands, but the end of March approaches, edits are almost complete, and on the 26th of March “Bites” will be released in e-book format, followed by the paperback editions in May.
To say this is a thrilling time in my life it's an understatement.
I cannot wait to share my stories with you all (“Bites” is an anthology of 2 Novelettes, “Last of the Blood” and “Demonica”).
This for me it's the stuff of dreams :)

If you'd like to find out more about “Bites” or other upcoming projects, come take a look at my Facebook page, Ninfa Hayes

Also, these are the links to pre-order “Bites” on paperback, available from May 9th 2012:

And for signed copies, you can pre-order directly from Bitten Fruit Books: www.bittenfruitbooks.com/pre-order-form.html

Incidentally you can also find me on Facebook at Bookaholics Book Club where I like to write the occasional review and talk books and all things book related ;)
Ninfa xxx

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  1. AWESOME ramblings ladies! I really enjoyed reading it! Thank you so much for sharing!! Jenny B