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Road to Hell Series Character Interview

Jenny: We have Zennyo “Zen” Ryuo, Madison Wescott and her son, Amos, with us today from the Road to Hell series. This is Zen’s first ever interview, so play nice with him. For those that aren’t familiar with Zen, he’s the enigmatic immortal mentor of Madison Wescott…heroine in the Road to Hell series. They were introduced in Pandora’s Box, and on February 17th, their second adventure will be released in, Hell’s Phoenix. Thank you for taking time out of your demon infested life to sit down with me and a few other Hellhounds.

Madison: It’s a pleasure to be here. *smiles* Taking a vacation from demon hunting is always a delight.

Zen: *nods*

Amos: *says while chewing food* Thanks for the chocolate covered donuts.

Madison: Amos, don’t talk with your mouth full.

Amos: Uh-huh.

Jenny: Eat all you want, Amos. I’ll get the questions started…Zen, I understand you’re an immortal. Can you tell us how old you are?

Zen: Almost as old as dirt.

Madison: He’s a man of few words. *turns to face Zen* She’d like a little more explanation from you.

Zen: Like what? I am almost as old as dirt.

Jenny: Does anyone in the audience have any questions for the trio?

Shalisha: *stands* I do.

Jenny: Please, go ahead.

Shalisha: Zen, what is your ideal date?

Zen: I don’t date.

Madison: Play along, Zen.

Zen: *deep breath* My ideal date…*shakes head* I’m sorry, I have no idea. Dating is for someone that has time for a life outside of keeping the world balanced.

Madison: Maybe an idea date would one where you didn’t have to worry about keeping the world balanced?

Zen: That’s called a fantasy.

Madison: *laughs*

Shalisha: Would you ever settle down and have a family?

Zen: Not ever again.

Madison: Why? You’re a good man. You deserve to be happy.

Zen: I’m not a mere man, but…*peers at his feet*…losing my first family was too hard. I wouldn’t want to experience that again.

Amos: *halts in eating his donut* But you’re our family now. Aren’t you scared of losing us?

Zen: *uncomfortable glance at Amos* You wouldn’t understand, Amos.

Madison: I believe this question is making Zen uncomfortable. Will you please go to the next question?

Kris: *stands up and waves her hand* Over here. *waits until she gains their attention* Madison, similar to Shalisha’s family question, would you like to have more children?

Madison: *gazes fondly at Amos* At one time I wanted another child very much. But the world I live in is too dangerous and unpredictable. I wouldn’t want to raise more children in this life. It’s unfair to Amos, so I couldn’t justify having another.

Amos: Having a brother or sister would be fun. I would be a good big brother and protect them, Momma. I would teach them how to fight monsters.

Madison: I know you would, angel. But what if they had no powers and couldn’t defend themselves. It’d make them very vulnerable. I’d always be scared I wouldn’t be able to protect them or that something bad would happen to them.

Amos: *wiggles in his seat as he thinks about this* I wouldn’t want you to be scared all the time.

Jenny: To each of you…how private of a person are you? Why?

Zen: Very private. *rubs nape* There are a great many things about myself it would be dangerous for others to know.

Madison: Zen, one of the great mysteries of the world. *gives him a teasing grin* I don’t even know a tenth of Zen’s history. But what I do know, most of you wouldn’t believe anyway. As for me and Amos, I try to remain private. With Zen in my head, I can’t hide from him. But the more secretive I am, the easier it is to hide from my husband.

Kathryn: Amos, what did you think of Zen when you first met him?

Amos: *swinging feet back and forth* Momma was scared of him at first, but I knew he was good. Zen wasn’t real nice to her at first. I think he wanted her to be scared of him.

Madison: *makes a face* Why do you think he wanted me to be scared of him?

Amos: So he wouldn’t get attached to us and feel bad if he decided we had to die. *devious giggle* We grew on him fast. We’re awesome that way.

Zen: Like supernatural fungus. *winks at Amos* Can’t get rid of them now.

Madison: *laughs* You’re terrible at jokes, Zen.

Kathryn: Amos, what do you think of Zen now?

Amos: He is cool! *sits straight and stops swinging his feet*

Zen: *grunts* I wish I felt cool.

Madison: *catches Amos’s wrist before he wipes his sticky fingers on the chair and shoves a napkin in his palm*

Amos: *licks frosting off his fingers instead of using the napkin*

Madison: *groans*

Amos: I wish I could teleport and throw balls of fire like him. So neat!

Kathryn: Can you or Zen tell me about how you work together on your magic?

Amos: *shrugs* I dunno. Sometimes I don’t know what I can do until it happens. Can I have another donut?

Jenny: Of course.

Madison: You’ve had enough.

Zen: He’s a natural. He taps into them with innate ability.

Jenny: Zen…Madison…how do you feel about Amos’s powers?

Madison: *shifts in her seat and crosses her ankles* They terrify me, but they’re a part of him, so I can’t deny they exist.

Zen: The trick is teaching him how to manage them. *tousles Amos’s hair* He’s good at learning to wield them quickly.

Jenny: We’re almost out of time, but we can get to one or two more quick questions if anyone has one? *scans the audience*

Ella:  Amos, what do you want to be when you grow up?

Amos: A superhero!

Ella: Which superhero would you want to be like the most?

Amos: Either like my Daddy or Nix.

Zen: *glowers* Neither are superheroes or good role models.

Amos: Uh huh!

Madison: I believe this is a discussion for home.

Jenny: Well, that looks like all the time we have today. Madison, Zen and Amos, thanks so much for joining us.

Zen: *nods*

Amos: Thanks for the donuts. *beams*

Madison: It was our pleasure.


I hope you enjoyed getting to know Zen, Madison and Amos from the Road to Hell series. You can read the first three chapters of Pandora’s Box and Hell’s Phoenix, on my blog at:

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Thanks for having my gang with you today, Jenny!


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