Friday, 21 October 2011

The Seven Secrets of Happiness - Sharon Owens

The Seven Secrets of Happiness - Sharon Owens

About the book:
Once upon a time Ruby O'Neill lived in her very own ivory tower ( a beautiful little cottage) with her very own fairy-tale prince ( her handsome husband Jonathan). She has roses round her door and her friends were never far away - life in her fairy-tale land was perfect.
But grown-up fairy stories don't last forever, and one dark night Ruby's life is smashed into a million pieces. With her castle in the air destroyed and her heart broken, she swears she will never love again. Yet guardian angel s hide in the strangest places, and from Ruby's darkest night six magical secrets slowly emerge to show her that life is for living and tomorrow is not too late for love.
But who is the mysterious stranger who holds the seventh secret - the hardest one to find? And is he the person who holds the ultimate secret: the key to Ruby's frozen heart?


I really enjoyed this book, especially following Ruby through all the heart ache she faces when the worse thing ever could happen, happens in her world. The story is compelling and well written with emotions being portrayed in the best ways possible. I loved discovering the seven secrets of happiness, especially in the way that Ruby discovers them through dealing with her own problems. Ruby's relationships between her family, friends and new acquaintances are well written and are well founded. The background stories are very well written for all the characters especially the main characters in this book. Overall as a chick lit book this is a really good read, but also the book gives you plenty to think about in real life. 

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