Friday, 7 October 2011

Aphrodites workshop for reluctant lovers - Marika Cobbold

Aphrodite's workshop for reluctant lovers - Marika Cobbold

About the book:
Rebecca Finch is a successful romantic novelist who has fallen out of love with love. When she heads off to Paris and doesn't care that she absentmindedly left her boyfriend behind on the Eurostar platform, things look bad. But when her newly engaged god - daughter asks her if marriage is a good idea and she cant think of a single reason to reply yes, she realises the problem is serious.
Meanwhile, on Mount Olympus, Aphrodite is fretting because divorce rates are rocketing and Eros, going through a difficult phase, is shooting off arrows without a thought for the compatibility of his victims. With her earth-bound acolyte, Rebecca, showing disillusionment, Aphrodite resolves to take drastic action....


I must admit this is not the sort of book i would normally pick up, i had this as a travelling chick lit book to give it a go. I found that i did enjoy reading the story of Rebecca. I liked how well written this book was and would definitely try other books by this author to see if they are of the same quality. I enjoyed all the interactions between characters, and the way problems were faced and dealt with. This is a lovely story about love, and the misconception's people have, as well as that nobody believes love will last forever. I loved the way the gods/goddesses were brought into the story, and felt that gave it an extra twist making the book all the more enjoyable.
I would recommend this book to chick lit fans and anyone who might want to try something different to get there mo jo back.

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