Monday, 31 October 2011

Guest Post - Laurie Bowler

I welcome Laurie Bowler again to my blog 

Guest post for Theresa

Firstly, I want to tell you a little something about myself. My name is Laurie Bowler and I live in the United Kingdom. Normally I write paranormal/fantasy but lately I have been writing horror, and I am enjoying every second of writing.
The process is fantastic, new characters, worlds and even the settings and the plots are just some of the aspects of writing that I adore. I can never get enough of creating a new storyline, every story I am keen to make as unique as I can.

When I first started to write I had no idea that it would lead this far, neither did I know at the time that I would become known by my friends as ‘The Writing Machine’. I must admit I am finding the name suits me well though. It seems I finish a story and I am starting again the next day on another story, I love the hype and the excitement of writing.
Creating new worlds, and characters, inside my stories I can be anyone that I want to be, and I can even create a creature that lets say might be in a nightmare and then have the creature revenged somehow inside my story.
I guess I find it very therapeutic and relaxing, some of the horror stories I have written lately have been pretty gory through and I’ve almost made myself puke writing the specific scenes! I would say they are not for the faint hearted but they have a very good storyline and I always wanted to write in a different genre other than paranormal fantasy to broaden my horizons and to test myself.

Most of my books are paranormal, and for me I love to add the romantic element, what compares to anything when a woman is in love? All the romantic flowers, chocolates, secret glances and holding hands, it is the best part! You are probably thinking it’s not especially after the 9-month wait and then you’re holding your pink bundle of joy in your arms. That is why I believe romance should be kept alive as much as possible, I love to relive my own romantic heart inside my books and share it with readers. Everyone has a different perception of romance and mine is one thing I want to share. My paranormal stories are Moon Rising, Sunrise to Sunset, Serena Embracing Darkness, Depths of Darkness and Golden Horizons. Not all of my stories have the romantic element mixed into them, Depths of Darkness is totally different and is filled with creatures that I created myself, along with some of the favourite paranormal creatures that we all know and love!

When I’m not writing paranormal then I’m delving into deep dark worlds to bring forward a horror story. My latest adventures with horror are A Real Slasher, Hacked Up, Death Bite and Death Bite 2.
I must admit when I first started writing horror and created the very first gory and incredibly scary scene, I scared myself and I made myself feel as if I had an upset stomach. The writing is very graphical and as the writer I felt like I was right in there in the action, it was fun but a little to gory than I would  normally read or write. However, I am intending to carry on writing horror and I will also continue to write paranormal.
I have a bet with one of my friends to publish 40 books before my 30th birthday (which is next year) and so I have managed to accomplish 32 so far with another 6 on their way out.
If you haven’t had chance to check out any of my books then hop on over to and see the titles available.

What I do for fun? The fun part of me does exist!
Now, I bet everyone is curious about when I get to have fun. Well I will tell you, I don’t write all the time (well I try not too). For fun there is nothing quite like going to visit the zoo with my daughter. In the United Kingdom, we have a safari park, which is awesome! I don’t know who loves it more me or my young daughter!
The best part is the drive through the monkey enclosure, but obviously not when they are tearing parts of your car apart and throwing them around. Most of the time my car doesn’t seem to get broken, but I watch all the other people having their wiper blades ripped off, or their side mirrors that the monkeys start to chew and then freak out when they see their own reflections.
It is the best fun in the world, and very relaxing. Oh except for the time my little one was trying to get a lion to get inside the car by shouting at it, I soon drive out of that particular enclosure and into the next one!
How can I write about the zoo animals inside my books? Well I have created many different species inside Depths of Darkness, that was deliciously fun. All of them are unique in every way, and it was while I was driving through the safari that I decided to write about witches, vampires and plenty of other paranormal mystique! And, that’s Depths of Darkness and where the ideas stemmed from to write this novel.

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