Friday, 21 October 2011

Hidden In The Amethyst - Jay Ellis

Hidden in the Amethyst - Jay Ellis

About the book:
Had the old hag made a mistake? This couldn't be what Amelia was supposed to meet here, could it? Why would she send Amelia to fight such a - whatever it was - without warning her first? Amelia didn't have time to worry any longer as the creature took another giant step forward, looming closer and lowering its huge head towards her, revealing its bright white eyes, sitting in slits in the skull. The light from the orbs at the side of the room glistened off of the black bone but it couldn't make the creature look anything other than terrifying. Hidden in the amethyst is the second book in the Amelia Maylock series.


This is definitely a good second book in this series following Amelia through the discovery of her new powers, and the new dimensions she travels in to. The continuation of the story is very well written and just as intriguing as the first book. Discovering how Amelia deals with her new powers, and dealing with new friends as well as enemies. Amelia has to continue on in her journey to discover the jewels in order to defeat her sister. In all this book is a really good read and I cant wait for the next instalment of Amelia’s travels finding out about herself and those around her, as well as what she is capable of doing as she matures in herself and her relationships. This is definitely a series worth picking up and giving a read, as it is well written and compelling.

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