Friday, 8 February 2013

Vanilla on Top - C.J.Ellisson

Vanilla on Top - C.J.Ellisson 

About the book: 
Discover your inner bad girl, and set her free…

Heather Pierce is done being a wallflower, both personally and professionally. Desperate to live a different life for one night, she attends a speed dating event. Maybe here, anonymous unless she chooses otherwise, she can become someone new. When a man way out of her league sits across from her, Heather gathers her courage and takes charge of what she wants, secretly fearing he won’t desire the real person she’s desperate to hide.

Top acquisitions officer and international playboy Tony Carmine is about to close the biggest deal of his career. But then he meets Heather at a speed dating event…and discovers losing control may be exactly what he needs. Her blossoming sensuality occupies his every thought, consuming him with the need to possess the most intriguing lover he’s ever encountered—until he walks into the boardroom and sees Heather on the other side of the negotiating table.


My Review:
The cover and blurb on this book caught my eye and I just had to put in a request and see what it was all about. Well I can tell you I wasn't disappointed and read the whole thing in under 8 hours. The story managed to grab and captivate me, keeping my hanging on the authors every word as I followed the characters through the story. Watching and feeling everything as they grew and developed into what they are at the end of the book. Heather grows and develops the most throughout the story, starting as a shy and introvert character and building into a strong woman who is a force to be reckoned with, but she doesn't have it easy and going through everything that she feels and suffers along her way. Her self doubt and inner turmoil as well as digging into her past and finally coming to terms with it. But the most exciting thing for her was as she finally discovered herself and gained her self confidence when it came to men. I can say she captivated and enticed me throughout the book, not always knowing what she was going to pull out next and what naughty sinful ideas where rolling through her mind as she took control of what she wanted and needed when she wanted it. Tony a strong man always a playboy until he meets Heather, but what was it about her that changed him? and why was it her and the wanton way she acted that made her so unforgettable to him. A high flying business man, never one to hang around in a fast moving business and finding that he always wanted the finer things in life. I loved that as he grew throughout the book he finally realised what it was he wanted and what really mattered in his life, it may have taken some time and a few good laughs and mistakes to get there but he did eventually and I found that throughout the book I grew to love him more and more. The story flowed so well and kept me wanting to read more, until I finally came to the end. Feeling everything the characters felt and falling under their spell as the world around me was painted in such a way I could almost touch and feel everything going on around me. All credit to the author for managing to give a well rounded and fully engrossing book that lovers of this genre will fall in love with. 


  1. Hi Jenny,

    So thrilled to hear you enjoyed the book as much as you did! These characters really touched me and I can't wait to write their second and third books. Thanks for your time on the review, I really appreciate it!

    1. Welcome C.J it was my pleasure to read and review the book. I loved it from start to finish and can't wait to read more.