Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Olly - Isabella Sinclair

Olly - Isabella Sinclair

About the book:
Obsession. Lust. Yearning.

Olivia Rae has always dreamed of that once in a lifetime Love, but love makes you crazy.

It can push all your buttons, make you doubt yourself, and question the core of your beliefs.

Sometimes the quest for that elusive prize requires lots and lots of exploration and when love doesn't seem possible, you hunting for the next best thing...


My Review:
Always on the look out for good novella's to read I picked this one up for review and read it in one sitting. The story flows really well and it has a bit of everything in there, although an erotica book by genre this is not too heavy for those wanting just that little bit extra from there books. It has love, lust and emotion flowing from its pages with believable and endearing characters and a love story to melt anyone's heart this is a must read. A true test of love patience and understanding when it comes to the affairs of the heart and everything that comes with it. An author well worth checking out. 

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