Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Metamorphosis - Isobel Lucas

Metamorphosis -Isobel Lucas 

About the book: 
This is the final part in the 5 part series, bringing the series to a conclusion. 


My Review:
No t wanting to wait to read this I opened it's pages as soon as it hit my kindle, needing to find out the conclusion to the series as soon as I could. Yes this series had me hooked right from the first page in the first novella and yet again this one did not disappoint me. This amazing final part that rounds up thee whole series is not to be missed and I would recommend you go out and read them all. It had me sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting and wanting everything to be resolved, yet still managed to add in a few twists and turns that kept you hanging right until the end. The characters throughout have been growing and developing with depth of emotion and most of all they are real and you can relate to everything they say and do and know that is what they really are thinking at the time. Everything around is well pictured and gives the reader a sense of being there and being involved in everything that goes on around them. Of course I can't give too much away here as that would ruin the series for everyone wanting to read it but boy does the ending come hard and fast, leaving you with everything that you need to know that you will miss the books and the characters involved for a long time. They imprint on you and carry you through the ever changing world with the skill of the author giving them the voice they so greatly needed. I commend the author on such a great series of shorts and will definitely be checking out her work in future. I thank her for writing and bringing this series out for everyone to read. The literary community is always in need of such great story tellers. 

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