Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Taming the vampire - Chloe Hart

Taming the vampire - Chloe Hart 

About the book:
An unlikely partnership…

Demon hunter Liz Marlowe and vampire Jack Morgan have hated each other from the moment they met. But when a powerful enemy threatens their beloved city of Boston, they form a reluctant alliance. It’s supposed to be temporary—just one night, in fact. But as the tension between them builds to the breaking point, neither is prepared for what happens next. 

Taming the Vampire is Book 1 of the Blood and Absinthe series.


My Review:
First I will say i got this novella as a free read, but that does not make the fact that having read it i would happily have brought the book. Liz is a feisty, confident female that seems to know what she wants and where she is going, but there is always a twist to every characters tale and for her it is the vampire she loves to hate Jack. Liz grows and develops throughout this novella and really grows into an amazing character that i grew to love. Jack is the loveable rouge but he has depth and scope that suit him really well you can't help but fall for his charms and want to find out more about him. The story-line flows so well the book is hard to put down with you wanting to find out what is going to happen next i am hooked on this series and i believe lovers of the genre will be too. I know i am rushing off to buy the next instalment so i can find out where their story goes. All credit to the author for writing and keeping me captivated and wanting to continue to read on past the first book.  

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