Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Speculative Edge - Magazine review

Speculative Edge Issue 2 

What's it about? 
  "At The Speculative Edge, our mission is - in a word - balance. We want to bring you fiction that is both exciting and enlightening, poetry that is imaginative and accessible, reviews of both big-name and independent books and movies. We'll give you insightful interviews with New York Times bestsellers and lesser-known authors. Above all else, we want to publish work that is both genre and literary.
            Our second goal is to be organic. We want to change and evovle - to adapt over time to better cater our readers. To achieve this, we strive to have an open dialogue. We encourage readers to email us with questions, comments, and suggestions. Through polls, we found out that The Walking Dead is our audience's favorite returning fall show, so we featured an extended preview of the show in September. Each month we do "Reader's Choice" polls to see what their favorite stories and poems are. And in October, we'll be sending out a survey to our newsletter recipients.
      Want to know how it all began? Check out our guest post on Grasping for the Wind as Shane and Danielle discuss starting the magazine."

My Review:

So i found something a little different to review for you all, a monthly magazine full of interviews, short stories, poems and film/series reviews. 
Sitting down to read this i found the interviews informative, interesting and they covered a wide range of topics. The authors are from both different sides of the publication coin, with an interview from the well known author Alyson Noel as well as an interview with the indie author Sarah M Ross, both interviews are well worth the read, and then you have the addition of excerpts from their books and in total it makes for a really great reading experience. 
There is also a range of short fiction to be read which is captivating and enthralling. There is something for everyone to enjoy in that selection or why not just read it all and find something new to check out. I know i enjoyed all of it immensely. Then there is the addition of the poetry, as a rule it's not my cup of tea but i must admit i did enjoy these little poems written by different people and they are well worth checking out. 
Tv and Film previews, i found this an enjoyable distraction from all of the other book related things in the magazine and it is a great addition to be able to find out what's new and what's coming soon with both new and old shows alike and with the added bonus of films too it just makes it all the better to organise your time between everything. Last but by no means least of course is the well rounded book review that is well written and informative for the readers, giving a detailed incite into what you would expect from the book. 
Overall i would say this is a great magazine to read on the go, full of information, books, reviews, tv/film and interviews by people you know and love. You can read a short in your break or just pick up and put down the whole thing depending on your time constraints. I know i would certainly be looking at what they have in their up coming issues and giving them a read. So go and check this out it's new and it's well worth the little effort in chasing it down. 


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