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Mardi Gras Was Over: Three Love Stories - Kathleen Valentine

Mardi Gras Was Over: Three Love Stories - Kathleen Valentine

About the book:
Mardi Gras Was Over - He arrived on a Harley one dark night and swept her off to Mardi Gras -- then off her feet. Now a lot of years have passed. 

The Mermaid Shawl - She moved to an island in the Great Lakes to heal from a loss. There she found two great loves -- the lace shawls she designed to sell and the beautiful stranger she pulled from the sea. 

Sailor's Valentine - Lobsterman Tristan Hancock was a loner with a sordid past, shop-owner Minerva Light was a newcomer with a mind of her own. Nobody in Port St. Magnus was ready for the two of them together. 


My review:
Mardi Gras was over - This short was a really good and quick read, it keeps the reader captivated throughout the story with a really good story- line and well written characters. The detail is good and the writing is great and i fund that it really did have a very good tale to tell. Well worth the read 

The Mermaid Shawl - This i think is by far my favourite short in the book, i loved the characters and the whole tale, the story line had depth and meaning and was so well written you couldn't help but fall in love with it. This short alone is well worth checking out the others in this book.  It brought great incite and knowledge into a tail as old as any sailor or sailors wife could tell you very moving.

Sailor's Valentine - What can i say i enjoyed this short but it did leave me feeling a little empty after reading it, it is well written and the story-line is good. The characters are amazing. and i really enjoyed the story, i think there are lessons to be learned in there and all that read it will find something they  relate too. Overall a good short that leaves you thinking when you finish it.

Overall this is a great book to pick up if you are short on time or just want a couple of quick reads for a lunch break etc. The stories are worth reading and the reader will enjoy what they find between the pages. All credit to the author for bringing a varied selection of work to the table i will be sure to check out dome of her other works. 

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