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The House of Sherbet - Simon Dale

The House of Sherbet - Simon Dale 

About the book:
Thirteen year old Jake spends Christmas with his parents at the Oakhouse, the once grand, now decrepit home to his grandfather. Jake quickly begins to realize that the Oakhouse and Granddad Sherbet are not all they seem. On Christmas Eve, Jake's parents disappear, only to reappear six inches tall and having been turned to wood. ??Granddad Sherbet, together with his octogenarian friends, prepares to steal Jake's youth and nascent magical powers.


This book is about 13 year old Jake, with his family the all go to stay and his granddad’s for Christmas. It just so happens that it is the worse weather ever to be travelling in. When Jake and his family get the old oak house, Jake quickly realizes everything is not as it seems to be. When Jake goes out sledging on Christmas eve, he returns to find his parents missing only to then discover that they have reappeared as 6” wooden carvings. Then Jakes granddad and his friends prepare to use Jake as a sacrifice to gain his magical powers. Jake is left to run for his life, with the help of friends both new and old. Will they manage to thwart their plans only time will tell…….

I did find this book hard to get into at the start, but as it went on it did get better. Following Jake through all the problems that he encounters became interesting. With the relationships both new and old forming and re forming as the story continued. The wood carvings were an especially good touch to the storyline that gave the story a little more depth and intrigue

I loved the whole idea of the storyline, although it did start a little slow for me. I loved the character of Jake as a whole and can see that he is going to grow and mature throughout the series.

Overall I gave this book a 3/5 mainly because although I loved the idea of the storyline it was a little slow for me. I feel that young adults that are looking for something new and different should definitely check out this book. I really think this series has got plenty of room to grow and mature as the characters within do the same. 

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