Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Compulsion Blog Tour Excerpt

Today i am pleased to announce that as part of the re release of Compulsion by Kymberlee Burks-Miller, i am hosting her here not once but twice. Today y'all get the privilege of seeing the new cover even though i know we all love the old one just as much. So here goes with the cover y'all have been waiting to see. 

So now for an excerpt from the book just to tease you all, and i know you will want to go out and get it.

Mason was going to attack me!  I froze.  I had never seen his teeth protrude from his mouth that way.  He actually looked like a vampire.  Damn it!  He was almost on top of me when my mind started working again.  He’s a vampire!  I flung my hand up at him screaming, “Fire!” and the element flew at him like a flamethrower.   I spun around running for the porch, and almost tripped on the step.  I caught myself on the railing and saw him, now out of the corner of my eye, coming at me again!  What the hell is wrong with him!  I threw my other hand up crying for all of the elements.  “Air, Fire, Water and Earth!”  The elements came from all four directions like a vortex.  Unbearably strong wind spun around him, fire raced around the next layer of my protection, followed by water that enclosed the flames and lastly the ground started to break open shaking horrifically inside of the cyclone of power that was holding him there.  He was fighting my power.  
“Goddess Help me!” I screamed as I frantically searched for a piece of wood, nothing!  I could hear that my family now realised something was not right and were coming to help!  Mason had broken free of the elements and had forcefully grabbed me from the porch throwing me on the ground.  I didn’t hit as hard as I should have.  I heard the terror in my covens’ voices as they ran from the house toward us and knew that my life would end right here and now on the already too warm grass.  I looked into the merciless eyes of this vampire as he smiled at me bringing those fangs to my neck.  I waited to feel the pain of his sharp teeth puncturing my flesh, hearing my family screaming at Mason to stop!  They didn’t know how to fight him off of me.

So here's where y'all can get yourselves your very own copy:  http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/100967

Of course y'all are going to want to find her on facebook so here's the link's for the author page : http://www.facebook.com/KymberleeBurksMillerAuthor

Compulsion very own facebook page: 

I have read and reviewed this book it is amazing so go check out the review here: http://madsheepno1.blogspot.com/2011/12/compulsion-kymberlee-burks-miller.html

Many thanks for reading, go and show the amazing Kymberlee some love and come back next week for another extra special blog post that i know y'all will love. 


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    1. I wil def check out your blog and i hope that you will continue to love my blog and what it offers :D I always love to hear from people and what they have to say about not only the books but my reviews too.

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