Monday, 16 January 2012

Compulsion - Mason blog post

I am honored to be able to have the amazing Compulsion again on my blog. For you today i have the one and only Mason Shaw here just for y'all to enjoy, so i am going to hand you over to Mason. 

Hello. I'm Mason Shaw.  One of the characters in the hot new book "Compulsion" written by Kymberlee Burks-Miller.  I've been asked to talk about why Kymberlee became a writer.  The answer is simple really.   She didn't have a choice in the matter.  Lily and I, the love of my life; we know how good our story is.  The love between a witch and a vampire.  The huge family of hers that make up her coven.  The others that help us throughout our adventure.  The evil we confront from start to finish.  And the ever changing roles they play make for a challenging environment for two people so in love to find time together.  We know after all we've gone through, and will yet experience that it must be shared, and Kymberlee was the obvious choice  because not only has she been writing non stop since she was a child.  Always carrying a notebook, and favorite pen around.  Always jotting down ideas randomly coming into her head.  And being so open to influences of characters like us who have just as strong a will to be heard as she does; we just didn't give her a moments peace until she gave in to write our story.  Oh boy.  It wasn't easy.  Being so O.C.D. as she is, and stubborn we hounded her for years.  She had no intention of putting herself in the public eye giving that she's also very shy.  Oh, she'll stand up for what she believes in.  And she'll tell it like it is.  No holds bars.  But to be under constant scruitiny was not and still isn't in her make up.  Cause she's just Kym.  And she can only be herself whether people like it, or not.  So, we had to convince her to write our story for those who may like it.  Not for those who won't.  And she had to set herself up for writing.  She insisted on doing it right.  On doing the very best job she could.  So, nothing went beyond the notebook, and pen until her husband Bryce dutifully fulfilled her wishes for creating a peaceful writing environment in the house where she could hear all of us speak without listening to the telly, kid, dog, or bird going off  A place of solitude with her own desk, and pens, and paper, and laptop.  Laptop for the modern day ya know.  Everythings e-mailed, and on line now a days. So, he turned the bedroom into her own little bat cave as she now calls it.  And, she'll go in there for months at a time shutting the world out, and writing what we tell her.  She works for us now.  Now that she's our own personal outlet we're not giving her up.  The marriage will survive.  They've  been together for thirteen years.  We have alot to get out.  And, we're just getting started.  If you've liked "Compulsion" you won't believe what comes next in " Conversion.  So, I guess the simple answer of why Kym became a writer is: We made her!
See you all on our next adventure,

I hope y'all loved hearing from Mason i know i did and don't forget to check out Compulsion and Kymberlee Burks-Miller here are the facebook links 

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