Friday, 23 September 2011

Incubus - Carol Goodman

Incubus - Carol Goodman

About the book:
In a town built on magic, be careful what you dream....

Ever since moving to Fairwick to take up a teaching post at the local college, Callie has been having vivid, erotic dreams about a man made out of moonlight and shadows. Dreams she begins to fear as well as anticipate.....

She learns that her home - a Victorian cottage at the edge of a wood - supposedly haunted. And then her new - rather strange - colleagues tell her a local legend about an incubus demon with a human past who was enchanted by a fairy queen......


This is the first book in a new series and i must say i cant wait for the next one. I found that the story really was engrossing i didnt want to put it down until i was finished. Callies back story was very well mapped out, and her current story way enchanting. The book is very well written and the main characters are well established.
Callies begins having dreams as a child after her parents die and she goes to live with her gran. Then moving forward to Callies life now the book deals with her relationship between her family, partner and friends as well as her dealing with the ever increasing erotic dreams that she seems to be getting. She ends up taking a job in a new town, finding that she is drawn to a Victorian cottage on the edge of a wood, the cottage is supposedly haunted. She inherits manuscripts and letters from one of the previous owners of the cottage, who happens to be one of her favorite authors. On starting her job and moving to the town she finds the locals and her colleagues very strange, especially when they tell her of a local legend regarding an incubus demon that has a past in the area, as well as with being a human. She has to deal with finding out new things about her past that affect her both now and will no doubt affect her future, not only in the town but in her personal life as well. Callie has to learn all about her dreams, what they mean and what they really entail as well as some very strange things that seem to happen to her. How will she get through all this and what does it mean to her.

I really loved this book, and found that i didnt want it to end. The erotic scenes are well written and not for the younger reader this is definitely a book for the older reader. In all the book was well written, and the characters believable. I found that i loved the world that surrounded Callie, getting myself lost in it. Carol has done a really good job with this book and i think most people who read it will love it as much as i did. I am eagerly awaiting my next installment from Callie and her world.

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