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Celestial Beginnings - Rebekah Daniels

Celestial Beginnings - Rebekah Daniels 

About the book: 
Being a descendant of a fallen angel, nephilim Malachi Starkman, is all about his duty in protecting mankind and preventing Satan’s army from growing any further. He leads a squad of talented warriors on this quest to preserve humanity, but as leader, he feels every aspect is his responsibility. After centuries of fighting, he is starting to feel burned out, and wondering if this is his sole purpose on Earth. 

Local teacher, Trinity Bradshaw, has been trying to move on from her turbulent past but it doesn’t seem to want to let her go. Therefore, when a deliciously handsome man with alluring eyes says he wants to help her, she cannot say no. So many obstacles stand between the two, but neither of them seem to be able to walk away from the other. Will they find common ground or will she just be a liability in his quest to destroy the one that has plagued him for years?


My Review: 
After reading the blurb for this book I was more than happy to accept this for review and I must say I was not disappointed. Everything about the book grabbed you and pulled you into its depths, the twists and turns  mixed with the story-line detail just leave nothing to chance. The characters give this book the extra lift, if it needed one and the author has done this in such a way that you feel and walk through every emotion and turmoil with each and every one of them. Feeling and growing to love even the ones that wouldn't want you to love them. A great mix of action. adventure, intrigue and with the added bonus of the well written and placed bedroom scenes leave you really wanting to just keep on reading until it reaches its conclusion. With Trinity pulling at your heart strings, everything about her drawing you in. The way she builds and holds relationships with even the most obnoxious of characters builds and develops her more. She is well rounded and balanced, with floors and problems that she has to deal with as she moves forward in her life, all this only serves to endear her further to the reader. Then we move on to Mal, and well what can I say......Everything you could want and more, throughout the book he never fails to show you a side to him that balances and makes your love for him grow. Holding nothing back when it comes to Trinity and the time they spend together. Then you can turn to the other "secondary" characters, and I don't say that in a way that it would normally be left, these guys and girls pull and hold everything together, coming forward and shrinking back when its needed. Each having their very own distinct personality and voice you can never mistake who it is and that really that is the way they would act. Each and everyone of them pulling you deeper into the well written and developed story-line that flows with peaks and troughs spread all through the book. Just when you think you need something it is right there and has you hooked and reading through to find out what happens. 

All in all I really loved reading this book and would not fail to pick up the next in the series, really wanting to find out how much more each of them can grow and change as they face all of the struggles that I am sure they will face as they continue on their destined paths. Good v's evil with magic and emotion thrown in... what more could you want from a good read? 

I would recommend this book to lovers of paranormal romance aimed more towards the adult end of the market, those who love to read angels will not be disappointed and to anyone who really just wants to read a damn good read and something they can immerse themselves in to forget about everything around you. I will be checking out anything else by this author in the future and this is a book to watch.  

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