Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Infliction - Isobel Lucas

Infliction - Isobel Lucas 

About the book:
Book four in the series by Isobel Lucas,  following the Hell Bent Heaven Spirit series. 


My Review:
This series of novella's just keeps on giving, this the forth book in the series continues to keep you hooked and makes you want to read the last and final part straight away to find out how the battle on  earth between heaven and hell really does end and who the victors will be. The story continues to flow in a never ending deluge of mystery, fighting, love and friendship that  leaves the reader sitting on the edge of their seats and wanting more all of the time. How do they cope with the son of god falling in love with and giving everything up for the daughter of the devil himself. When the two worlds collide meeting in the middle. Raging death and destruction reins hard and deep, but can anyone stop it? will the partnership of these two ill fated teenagers make or break the end of the world as everyone knows it. I know I loved this novella and will be heading over to find out how all of this ends in the last and final part of the series. A must read set of novellas for anyone with a love of this genre and short reads. 

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