Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Siren - Tiffany Reisz

The Siren - Tiffany Reisz

About the book:
The Siren is a modern-day retelling of My Fair Lady with uptight English literary fiction editor Zachary Easton as an unwilling Professor Higgins and well-known wild child Nora Sutherlin as his erotica-writing Eliza Doolittle. Zach only has six weeks left at Royal House New York before he heads to Los Angeles to take over as Chief Managing Editor at Royal West. When his boss orders him to help Nora Sutherlin rewrite her latest novel, Zach agrees to work with her only if he is given complete control over the fate of her book. If Nora doesn’t rewrite it to his satisfaction in six weeks, Royal won’t publish it.


My Review:
I will admit this is a book that captivated my attention just from seeing a small snippet of what it contained, so i count my blessings that i got to read this before it's due release day. I found that i was captivated and taken along with the story-line, although not always comfortable with what i was reading, the book still managed to enchant and delight me.  I loved the story-line along with the characters that is what made the book the read it is, with the ever growing and changing Zach you never quite knew what side of him you were going to meet next. This always left you hoping for one side yet getting a reaction you never thought you would see, although unexpected the reaction and his character worked well. I especially loved the sparring between him and Nora, they really do make a great pair. Nora is a loveable tease, yet still manages the poise and whit of any lady when she needs to. With her shady behind the scenes job that deep down she hates doing, she brings laughs and tears as you read through her story. I must say i did really enjoy this book, even if it did have me thinking and feeling emotions that i never thought a book could do. All credit to the author and i can't wait to see where she is going to go next and what world she is going to drag us kicking and screaming into, yet strangely enough we never want to leave. This book i would recommend to people who like reading the erotica genre, yet it does have a lot of lessons to be learned for others outside of that reading area. 

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  1. Oh this sounds good. I think I seen it on netgalley but wasn't sure about it. Mau request it.