Thursday, 10 May 2012

Afterlife - Willow Cross

Afterlife - Willow Cross

About the book:
Two hundred years before the battle of the fortress, a young man named William Townsend had to die. 

William had big plans. He would become a valiant soldier, fall in love, have a family, and die. In fact, he was certain it would happen in that exact order. But fate is a fickle taskmaster and things almost never go as planned. And sometimes, just sometimes, your true destiny will greet you after life


My Review:
This is a great short story set before the first book Birthright, and i must say i really enjoyed this novella. Novella's like this are  great read as we manage to get an even more in depth look at some of our favourite characters and their lives before the books even started. We learn more about the background of the characters, and in this novella we learn so much more about William and how he came to be a ghost, and his bond with Angie. This is a great read whether you read it before you have read Birthright and Inheritance or at any point with in your reading. I would recommend you pick up this quick read and find out more about the characters. 

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