Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Derek and Maks - Inked heat series - Dee Licious Review

Derek and Maks - Dee Licious

About the book:
What happens when your single, forty-something mom brings home her new boy toy and it’s the hot stud that gave you your first tattoo; the one you’ve been fantasizing about for the last few weeks since turning 18? Will Bianca finally have sex with a real man and not some clumsy high school boy? What will she do when presented with not one, but two, hot muscular men who co-own the tattoo parlor? Turn the pages to find out.


My Review:
Having received this book for review, and finding after reading the blurb that it had peaked my interest I can say that it is exactly what it says it is. An erotic novella full of action yet manages not to lose the depth of character development and story-line that comes with any good read. A short yet all consuming book that you will not want to put down until you have finished it, leaving nothing out yet giving you everything you need for your imagination to take hold and form the pictures of everything that is happening. This book will leave you panting and wanting more. The characters are well developed and each have their own personalities that follow along throughout the book, the story-line gives the reader a look into a whole other world that the author has managed to create and build, with well defined picture painting. I can recommend this novella to lovers of the erotic fiction genre, and those wanting a quick lunchtime read (Maybe not while you are at work). Go and give this author a try I don't think you will be disappointed and will be wanting to go back for more of this series. 


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