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Past Undone - Viviane Brentanos

Past Undone - Viviane Brentanos

About the book:
At nearly twenty-one, Sofie Jameson is a little tired of paying the price for her director father’s caped crusader routine. She wouldn’t mind so much but the bodyguards he periodically hires to protect her possess as much charm and wit as gulag guard.
Nik Lloyd is no exception. Mr. Lloyd has one simple set of rules: do as I say and don’t speak unless spoken to. Sofie wants to hate him on sight but it’s a little difficult when every time she looks at him, her feet leave the ground and she spins on an emotional roller coaster. Hidden away together in his beautiful Greek island home, Sofie soon realizes Mr. Lloyd is an ‘international man of mystery,’ and a man, if his housekeeper is to be believed, who is hiding dark secrets. The housekeeper claims he is a tortured soul. The livid scar on his back convinces Sofie she may be right. Who does he cry for at night? And just who is the mysterious young girl, Bella, who turns up out of nowhere, latching on to Sofie with all the tenacity of a limpet?


My Review:
Sitting down to read this book i will admit i haven't read this genre in a while, but boy did this blow me away. The whole story-line was really well written with characters that you both loved and hated. Going through the book feeling every emotion along with them the feelings of love, dis pare, hatred and everything in between pull you along and immerse you within it's pages. Sofie is the type of female i love feisty, intelligent, yet has an undercurrent of insecurity and love that she hides behind her brick wall that she builds to keep herself safe. But oh when it starts to tumble she falls hard and fast. Nik is the most loveable lead male in this book although suffering with his own inner emotional toil, he too gets a kick when he meets Sofie and that's where their battle of wills start. The story-line itself is gripping and captivating, with a great flow and ease to it, leaving the reader in no doubt as to what is happening and how everyone is feeling. All credit to the author,  she has done a great job of making this book such an enjoyable read. I would recommend anyone who loves a good story , and a gripping loveable read with romance and emotion throughout to pick up this book and read it. 

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