Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Holly Silverstone - Jay Ellis

Holly Silverstone - Jay Ellis

About the book:
Meet young Holly Silverstone, the girl who sees daisies turn to butterflies ... who dreams of places that she has never been to ... who is invited to study at the elusive and enchanting Highlands Academy of truth and excellence.


My review:
This is the first book in a new series by a really great author and story teller. I must admit throughout this book i did get a feeling of a literary whiplash, but once i got into the whole story-line this was a really good read. With believable and interesting characters a story-line that captures and intrigues you to continue reading. I found the start of the book hard to follow with a lot of skipping about between characters, but as soon as that was settles the book was a really good read. I love the character of Holly she is well rounded, interesting and most of all she has that nosey streak that is always going to land her in trouble one way or another. The mix of the different worlds over lapping is a great introduction to the story and i can't wait to find out more about how it will all progress as the series goes along. I love that we can follow Holly from her first day at her new school, learning everything with her as she goes along. I really enjoyed reading this book and my thanks go to Jay for letting me review it. I know i love his other work and i am hoping that i will grow to love this series too, rather than just really liking it. Credit goes to you Jay for another great story and i can't wait to hear more. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing this awesome review of Shelly Silverstone!! I enjoyed reading it and Literary Whiplash was the way to put!! Hahahaha! It did have a very good story line though. I enjoyed the book to after I got through the first part of the book too.